Information for Non-Profits and Fundraising Service Providers

Imagine offering consumers the ability to use loyalty points, as another payment option, for donations to your organization.

Tap into a new source of funding—Loyalty Rewards Points

Did you know there are $48 billion worth of loyalty points distributed every year in the US? PointWorthy makes it possible for your constituents to use points to make cash donations. Nothing could be more worthy!

Promote your cause

PointWorthy operates a network and partners with socially responsible and caring loyalty rewards programs including: Credit Card Companies, Hotels and Airlines and uses social networking to promote brands, so your cause gets increased visibility

Expand opportunities to Donate & Engage

• Redemption on partner’s website (including: Credit Card Companies, Hotels and Airlines)
• PointWorthy website
• Links that re-direct your members to a donation page that is specific to your organization

Easy to set-up

PointWorthy takes care of everything. All your organization has to do is sign-up and fill-out the additional information. PointWorthy is a payments processor that converts the points to cash, clears transactions, disburses funds, and maintains security and compliance.

For Non-Profits and Service Providers

PointWorthy partners with service providers who offer organizational, fundraising and collection tools and services for non-profits to create new funding opportunities.

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Easy processing for loyalty points.

Let people use points to make cash donations.
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