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"People's willingness to buy, recommend, work for and invest in a company is driven 60% by their perceptions of the company and only 40% by their perceptions of their products" - Kasper UIf Nielsen, Partner Reputation Institute

Turn reward plan liabilities into marketing assets

Unredeemed rewards are financial liabilities, with negative effects on balance sheets and revenue recognition. By partnering with PointWorthy, reward providers take unredeemed points off their books while improving demand, perceived value, and brand image.

Increase the perceived value for your points

By allowing your members to use points for cash donations to thousands of potential charities you give them more reasons to engage and more places to do so.

Strengthen your brand image

Presence at millions of donation points creates more visibility, branding opportunities, and “halo effects”. Every time points are converted into cash donations, PointWorthy sends a message via social media with positive buzz.

Maintain Full Control Over Rates and Messaging

You control the point-to-cash exchange rate as well as all the messaging around the conversion of points to donations, offers, promotions and customer experience. Build social capital at no additional cost!

Donations as a redemption option today, and as a payment option on donate buttons tomorrow

PointWorthy is a payment processing network that converts Loyalty Points into a Secondary Currency for charitable donations. PointWorthy will be present in thousands of sites to offer points as a payment option at donation checkout.

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