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Do you know someone who had a “mystery” heart attack? Particularly a young woman? It’s possible that heart attack was caused by SCAD, which stands for Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection. SCAD is a tear or split in the artery, but it isn’t caused by cholesterol plaque or other cardiac risk factors. We don’t understand these heart attacks yet, and even worse, SCAD can cause sudden cardiac arrest.
The SCAD Alliance mission is to be the leader in advancing the science of SCAD and educating key audiences about its diagnosis and treatment. We are urgently researching the cause of SCAD through our independent multi-center iSCAD Registry, coordinated by Boston-based PERFUSE Study Group. The measure of our success is to empower each SCAD survivor with a superior outcome and answers. Will you join us in our valuable work by donating points?

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